December 07 2018

About video production

Let’s imagine that you need to film a promotional video of your products. You want to get a phenomenal video, so that everyone will cry of happiness that they can see such an ideal thing in this world. How to do it? Of course, the best choice is to contact the experts - the production studio. But what happens behind the doors of this studio? What are the work processes and what to expect? We are going to show it in this article.

  It is considered that any video production consists of 3 stages: preproduction, production and postproduction. But we would add to them “introduction” and “delivery of the project” since everything must have a logical beginning and end. Therefore, let's start in order.

1. Intoduction

First of all, you need to find out what we are shooting, for whom we are shooting and the purpose of your video. It is necessary to emphasize that it is always not just a matter of making a video, but of solving a business problem — raising awareness, presenting a new product, increasing sales etc. In addition to a personal meeting, the client must fill out the brief. Otherwise it won’t work.

2. Preproduction

If you translate this buzzword into simple and understandable, this is the stage of preparation. This is the most important and laborious process, since production studio needs to take into account all the wishes and costs that customers are going to invest in the final result. Here the script is written, the search for locations, actors, scenery, costumes, props is carried out. Treatment and storyboard are followed after writing the script. A treatment is a vision of a scenario where the atmosphere, characters, scenery are revealed in more details(?). We need the storyboard in order to know how to build a frame and follow the development of the plot. There is also an estimate calculation which includes the work of art directors, make-up artists, spending on operator optics, counting shifts for the shooting process and installation.

3. Production

This is the shooting process. For many, it is really surprising thing that a 15-second video can take a whole day, or even 3. It all depends on the complexity of the shooting and the number of people involved in the process. It is also important to remember that the main unit for calculating the cost of video production services is exactly the shooting day. Experience shows that one shooting day is rarely enough. Clients should not save on it. Additional shooting day and retake are troublesome and costly for both customers and the studio.

4. Postproduction

This is the editing. After you have captured all the necessary frames, they need to be put in order: color correction, creating graphics, overlaying titles, dies, logos, mixing sound, gluing frames, etc. This process is not easy and takes the best moments of life and the entire visual acuity of the editor.

5. Delivery of the project

Magic hands and eyes of the editor make miracles with the footage. After that there comes a moment when the initial video is sent to the client. This is not the end. The scheme is simple: send the finished product - get feedback - correct details - again send the final product. And this is “finita la comedy”. Everyone can finally sleep, see husbands, wives and children, and the client is preparing to launch his brainchild.

This is the workflow for creating video products. Now you know what to expect when you knock the production studio’s door. Therefore, knock, you are always welcome. We are ready to create with you, as well as ready to help with the launch of your video online and offline.