May 28 2019

Why do you need video ads?

Video advertising is a type of online advertising that can be used on various sites such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, sites that are part of the Google Display Network, etc. It can be taken on professional equipment, as well as on the phone, and we will not exclude animation, computer graphics, and photo content. Most companies prefer the video in the promotion of their products.

Why is this format so in demand? Because it has such trump cards, which are very profitable to enter the game for the number of sales and brand awareness.

1. Efficiency

Viewers of your video content receive information through two channels - sound and visual. This raises the stakes that your message will be remembered. In addition, it is better to see once than read a hundred times. Any even difficult schedule will probably be delivered to the target audience in 1 minute. The maximum of information and the minimum of time is what the doctor prescribed in the age of technology.

2. Multifunctionality

One video can "kill several birds with one stone." You can use a ready-made presentation video on your official website, on social networks, use it at presentations at conferences, send it by advertising. This is real profit.

3. Attracting an audience

Marketing research has shown that video advertising boosts sales. First, customers who have watched the video have a feeling of personal acquaintance with the products. Secondly, viewing increases the time spent on company sites, which affects how search engines build an issue algorithm for requests. It is also worth mentioning the targeting capabilities, your video easily catches the eye of your audience, while stimulating sales growth and loyalty.

4. Flexibility

There is no such business for which it would be impossible to shoot advertising. Everything can be clearly shown and told. And if you add to this dose of creativity, then you can catch a huge amount of the audience, which, it would seem, was never interested in your products. The text in this is largely inferior.

Video advertising is an excellent and effective tool that, with the right approach, will help you with minimal cost to go into a significant plus in promoting your business. There is ease of perception, large amount of information, availability of accommodation and time saving. We have not convinced you yet? Then just try it out for yourself, the result will surprise you. Only there is one condition for this - the video should be performed by professionals, like us, for example.