December 11 2018

In the beginning was the Brief

You should never ask the lady of her age and figure on the scales. We, in the production studio, has the same taboo question: “how much does it cost to make a video [variation]?” Many of us believe that there is a fixed price for a video. Let us shed some light on this delusion. Price tag always depends on the brief. In this article we will explain why the brief is so necessary for everyone and how it saves time, budget and nerve cells.

The brief is a document in which the customer reveals his wishes in as much details as possible. Most often it is made in the format of a questionnaire, which the implementers make up.

What is it for?

1. Time saver

One document can collect everything that the client drew in his head and all information about his company. It can easily replace hours of negotiations in chats and phone calls. For maximum efficiency, you can fill out the brief with the implementer.

2. Quality Assurance

It's simple. In the brief, the main thing is not to be shy! If you fill the brief with your left foot, then the result will be performed with one right. The more detailed the answers to the questions, the more your final product will correspond to your ideal image. Professionals work only with clear Technical Task - pay attention to it.

3. Safe method

We are all human, and sometimes misunderstandings can be the ground for conflict. Talks "I did not imagine it like this" or "I do not like the final product" are unpleasant for both parties. The brief reduces the possibility of such an outcome to a minimum - it is prescribed from the visual components to the main idea of the video. And in case of any dispute, both parties can always refer to this document, which is always coordinate at the beginning of cooperation. Let's take care of the nerve cells to each other.

4. Idea generator

Filling the brief helps to build a clear picture not only for the implementers, but also for the customers themselves. They better understand the process of working and preparing for the shooting, and sometimes in search of answers, inspiration may come down. Then interesting details can be added to the original idea. Brief is important.

Thus, you can see that you get solid advantages from filling out the brief. Any business conversation must begin from the brief. This is the beginning of all beginnings. Imagine that the brief is your key, which will reveal to you the secret of the question “How much does it cost?”

You can always download our brief on the site. We made it with love.