Video series for Finca Bank Kyrgyzstan

FINCA Bank Kyrgyzstan

Task: Fink Bank Kyrgyzstan has been operating as a bank since 2015. Prior to this, the company for 10 years engaged in microcredit. In connection with the launch of new products - agricultural lending, consumer loans, business loans, the marketing department of Fink Bank of Kyrgyzstan decided to produce a series of commercials (on a roll for each product) for rotation on TV and in social networks. Solution: Since the advertising of credit products is not uncommon today, it was decided to focus on the originality of the video sequence, while maintaining the simplicity of information transfer. Thus, the idea was born to create game situations where the hero would remain in the central, but at the same time “static” figure, and the reality surrounding him would change, personifying the result of using the advertised product. This decision allowed Fink Bank to stand out among competitors' advertising products. The video turned out to be unusual and, as a result, memorable.


Staged commercials