Nashe Shakhterskoe Non-alcoholic

Nashe Pivo (LLC Abdysh-Ata)

Task: Presentation video of Nashe Shakhterskoe Non-Alcoholic brand. There are strict requirements for advertising alcoholic beverages, and this made all the commercials on the market boring and the same. We needed to stand out. Solution: We decided to stand out by creating the “bad commercial” with the concept that two things should not be done equally well - to shoot great advertisements and make good beer. The real master is laid out in his craft and is given to him completely, which is why “Nashe Shakhterskoe Non-alcoholic” is so tasty and of high quality. In the video you see only bright and juicy packshots of the “hero” - the new non-alcoholic beer “Nashe Shakhterskoe”. And a little smoke generator.


Staged commercials


Nashe Pivo (LLC Abdysh-Ata)