Series of commercials for TM "Zhivoe"

Tm "Zhivoe Beer" (LLC "Abdysh Ata")

Task: Develop viral advertising for products “Zhivoe” from the company Abdysh-Ata. The main difficulty is that, according to the law, the presence of people and animals in alcohol advertising is prohibited, even if it is a non-alcoholic beer. Solution: We decided to create a unique case in the local market - 3 commercials and a viral campaign online before launch. The plots of the commercials are based on playing up the name and catchy phrase: “Is there anyone alive?” The translation for "Zhivoe" from russian is "alive". We used 3 popular genres for this: horror, western and science fiction.


Staged commercials


Tm "Zhivoe Beer" (LLC "Abdysh Ata")